Ḥalab – ﺣﻠﺐ

Aleppo cries
Aleppo dies

In the once ancient metropolis
Capital of culture
Amongst the oldest cities of the world
known for your proficiency

how have you been brought down
by injustice!

Today’s Herods
are killing
and their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters
dogs cats and birds

until nothing is left

Set ablaze
Hunted down
and Executed

A family seeking refuge in a house entryway
just the time to hear the explosion
the fraction of a second
the doorway crumbles
a broken neck
only the feet of the infant daughter
are left under the rubble
and corpses line the street
The executioners cry Victory!
Whilst the world watches

Calling for a ceasefire
calling for help
calling for comfort
calling for peace
calling for freedom
calling for the world to wake up
calling the mighty to stop their folly
calling to end the martyr of innocents

have mercy
let Aleppo


I wrote this last year, in mid-december. I decided to repost this from my other blog because refugees from warzones still need our help.

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Théologienne, blogueuse et prédicatrice, mère de deux enfants, épouse et auteur d’un petit commentaire sur l’Ecclésiaste – telle est celle qui se cache derrière ce petit coin du web. Theologian, blogger and preacher, mother of two children, wife and author of a small commentary on Ecclesiastes – just some of the facets of the gal to whom this corner of the web belongs.

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