Be yourself. 


Throughout our lives, we all construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct ourselves. What is important is that in the end, we become who we really are, a unique person, precious, with unique talents and gifts, and are given chances and opportunities to realize them.

The same goes for our faith. As adults, we won’t have the same faith than the one we had as children or teens, and it will grow throughout our adulthood through our experiences, doubts, questions, and peak moments. What matters is to stay connected to God, and to keep alive our relationship with him. Our faith will, and the expression thereof, will be as unique and precious as we are ourselves.

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Théologienne, blogueuse et prédicatrice, mère de deux enfants, épouse et auteur d’un petit commentaire sur l’Ecclésiaste – telle est celle qui se cache derrière ce petit coin du web. Theologian, blogger and preacher, mother of two children, wife and author of a small commentary on Ecclesiastes – just some of the facets of the gal to whom this corner of the web belongs.

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