Punk Theology!

Today I wo20800049_804411663051995_1749513414710631313_nuld like to present to you a podcast I discovered a few weeks ago (it feels like days actually).

Its called the « Punk Theology podcast ».

I have to admit that so far, I’ve only started to listen to episode 4, but it really is something. Punk Theology, that’s a handful of guys discussing questions of faith, life, theology and experiences with honesty and openness and a healthy dose of humor.

I must say that so far, I love it. Honest talk. Honest questions. No easy way outs, but confronting life and faith and all the issues head-on, no bullshit, no throwing about of bible verses to make the questions and doubts shut up – quite the contrary is true. These guys have all gone through a lot of shit, and they’re working through it, tackling issues with which certainly a lot of people can identify, being (sometimes brutally) honest. NO sweet talk, no affirming of « eternal christian truth » just because they are « eternal christian truths », but asking the behind the scenes questions to get through the meat to the bones – all with a beer in the hand, listening to awesome music (those of you who aren’t into punk music, don’t worry, you won’t hear too much of it – for me there could be more).

As they say on their website, « The Punk Theology Podcast is a loud, encouraging, troublesome, rebellious, colorful artistry of not just what you believe, but why you WANT to believe it. In a world of people addicted to some certainty, Punk Theology exists to explore uncomfortable questions on growth, peace, well-being, recovering what’s lost, understanding the plight of « the outsider », faith, fear and being alive. »

And that’s exactly what it’s about. I can only recommend it to you and your ears, heart and brains.

If you want to find them, you can do so here:

Punk Theology Facebook page

Punk Theology website



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